A Part of Lane Mitchell Jewelers...

               Refuse to sell Vintage Jewelry as scrap! We believe that vintage jewelry
               should be appreciated for what it is... Pieces of art from generations past
                        that should be preserved! Because of this we can offer you a higher
                                       value for your Vintage Jewelry than someone only interested
                                               in melting jewelry as scrap metal.  
                                                                                                          We give it a new life!
                                                      Our master craftsmen refurbish, restore, and refinish each piece
                                                right in our shop in downtown Colorado Springs. If we have to
                                 replace any stones in the piece, we seek out stones that were cut in the same
                                  era to insure the integrity of all our fine vintage jewelry.

                                                        It is like buying a piece of history.
                                            It is then resold, so that someone new can appreciate the
                                            beauty of the jewelry.  By not melting the jewelry we are
                                            able to OFFER YOU MORE CASH...   Come visit us @
                                              Lane Mitchell Jewelers in downtown Colorado Springs
                                                   or call us (719) 632 1170 with ANY questions!
WE BUY MORE THAN JUST GOLD JEWELRY! We also pay cash for the following:

Diamonds     Gold Jewelry     Gold Bullion    Diamond Engagement Rings
Vintage Gold Jewelry     Silver Coins     Sterling Silver Flatware     Platinum Rings
Platinum Bars     Gold Flatware     Silver Bullion    Platinum Necklaces     Gold Coins
Platinum Bracelets     Gold Bars     Sterling Silver Jewelry     Silver Dollars
Gold Bracelets   Silver Half Dollars    Gold Necklaces   Silver Dimes    Gold Earrings
Silver Nickels     Gold Pendants     Silver Forks     Silver Knives     Silver Spoons
Scrap Gold     Dental Gold     Silver Tea Sets     Gold Teeth     Silver Candle Holders
Silver Dinner Plates     Gold     Silver      Platinum     Diamonds     Palladium
Broken Gold Jewelry     Broken Silver Jewelry     Broken Gold Watches
Unwanted Gold Jewelry     Unwanted Silver Jewelry     Old Wedding Rings
Diamonds    Estate Jewelry    Estate Pieces    Silverware    Flatware    Gold Coins
Silver Coins     Tea Sets     Dinnerware     Serving Trays     Silver Trophies
Silver Bowls     Gold Tooth Caps     Silver Casino Tokens     Gold Casino Tokens
Broken Precious Metals     Old Engagement Rings     Gold Tooth Crowns
Silver Bars     Gold Nuggets		Silver Serving Trays
Sell My Gold Jewelry

Easy to find at the corner of Pikes Peak and Tejon,
under the red awning in downtown Colorado Springs!

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